The 2020 Tour films will feature the latest and best ocean adventure and culture films. These films will be shown on our all-new virtual platform and there are more details HERE. We can't wait to welcome you all aboard with these inspirational films! 


Filmmaker: Aspect Media

19 minutes

Lifelong friends Tom Rainey and Lawrence Walters set out from Manhatten, New York, to row 4,000 miles across the North Atlantic to Salcombe in Devon. Battling 80ft waves, brutal sleep deprivation, jellyfish, sharks and some unpleasant fungus, the young Brits spend a gruelling 93 days at sea, breaking two world records and raising over £130,000 for the Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Tom’s dad. 


Filmmaker: Ian Durkin 

9 minutes

Sometimes the biggest dreams have the humblest origins. When surfer Trevor Gordon discovers the remains of a tiny dilapidated boat in a landlocked field, he dreams of restoring her to her original glory and sailing her to find remote waves in British Columbia. But after 1,000 hours of work, will Camel be up to the challenge? 


Filmmaker: Trygve Heide
27 minutes

While recovering from a horrific BASE-jumping accident, Lisa Beasley rediscovers her childhood love of diving and the ocean, using Cape Town’s tidal pools to heal both mentally and physically. But when these unique spaces become under threat, Lisa embarks on a journey to protect the marine life that is flourishing there.


Filmmaker: Spencer Frost, Frost Films
25 minutes

Struggling with the harsh realities of competitive surfing, pro surfer Fraser Dovell goes in search of wild waves in the breathtakingly beautiful and treacherously remote Arctic. With extreme elements, the magnificent northern lights and plenty of close calls, this is a stunning cinematic celebration of a brutal northern winter, and Fraser reaches a new appreciation of what it means to be a surfer.


Filmmaker: Max Lowe
19 minutes

Polar Bears International (PBI) is a team of scientists dedicated to protecting polar bears and their habitat. In Bare Existence, a documentary film crew spends seven days with the PBI team as they research and live alongside these magnificent yet endangered creatures, known as the Kings of the Arctic, in the remote Canadian province of Manitoba.


Filmmaker: Stefan Andrews
9 minutes

Over the past two decades, wildlife photographer Scott Portelli has devoted himself to documenting and capturing the behaviour of humpback whales in the South Pacific. From competitive ‘heat runs’ where up to 20 males chase a female to mate, to curious calves experiencing their world for the first time, this film exposes both heart racing moments and the affectionate nature of these wild and wonderful creatures.


Filmmaker: Arthur Neumeier
9 minutes

Not all surfers have access to the sea. In landlocked Johannesburg, Thabo Mouti and Mokete Mokete swoop the streets to collect plastic and paper for recycling. Big wave surfer and ocean activist Frank Solomon joins them to find about more about their gruelling and dangerous work, in a tale of new friendships, shared experiences and common interests between people who are worlds apart.


Filmmaker: 4ocean
4 minutes

Here come the octogenarians! With a combined age of 171, Grace and Philip Hampton are going after a Guinness World Record – to become the Oldest Married-Couple Scuba Divers. With over 5,000 dives between them they show you’re never too old for the hobbies you love. But will they make it into the history books?


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