Buy a viewing pass gift voucher for the ultimate flexibilty with access to the world's best ocean films! 


Your gift voucher will be immediately emailed to the address on your order and will include instructions and a voucher code for the recipient to use when redeeming their pass. You will be able to either:

- forward the gift voucher to the recipient,

- download it and print the voucher off at home so you can give it to them in person; or

- if you enter their email address when you order, it will be emailed to the recipient (please note that using this method will mean that they will also receive all order confirmation details).


If you order multiple passes, a voucher code will be sent to your email address and be enabled for the correct number of orders. 


A viewing pass voucher enables the voucher holder to enjoy the most breathtaking and captivating ocean-themed films from the Ocean Film Festival World Tour. They can choose between two different film programmes being hosted in January 2021 and will have access to the event for a 48-hour viewing window.  


Please note that the show can only be watched from locations within the UK and Ireland.

Gift Voucher (Digital) - Ocean Film Festival



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