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Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Garden ornaments and a dog bed are not usually part of the set-up at Ocean Film Festival live shows... but for filming a virtual event in lockdown, these previously underrated household items found a new calling!

We’re thrilled to unveil an extra virtual Ocean Film Festival show so we can dream about the wonders of the world’s oceans while getting through January – and we’d initially thought that choosing our favourite films from the last five years of the tour would be the toughest part of the job...

...But that’s before storm Christoph arrived!

With a core Ocean team of just Nell (presenter) and Simon (cameraman), Barry the badger and Terry the terracotta warrior stepped up to the important role of weighing down the banners in high winds.

(The bag of compost doesn't get a name)

Gilbert the adventure dog is also a member of the core team… but he was busy with far more important tasks. Such as looking cute…

…And looking cute…

Setting up a sound rig in blustery conditions was another challenge, but with coats, a handy box and the aforementioned dog bed we managed to cut out most of the roar. Although a few rogue noises beat us – bonus points to anyone who spots the siren, the church bells and even a car backfiring (seriously!?) during Nell’s film intros.

Drop the mic! Well, it's hidden under the coat...

And fuelled by tea breaks in the garden shed, we’re delighted to bring you this extra Ocean film programme for inspiration and escapism during lockdown. We can’t wait to see you back in theatres later on in 2021, and until then we hope you are enjoying the virtual shows as much as we’ve enjoyed filming them.

Did we miss out your favourite film from recent Ocean Film Festivals? Tell us what it is in the chat section!

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