Welcome to the Ocean Crew Hub!

Welcome! Thank you so much for volunteering as a member of the Ocean Crew to help spread the word about your local Ocean Film Festival screening!

Our Ocean Crew volunteers play such a key role in helping us deliver a successful Ocean tour, so we are so glad to have you as part of our valued team. 

We have created the Ocean Crew Hub so you can find all the info you need in one easy place. Within the hub you will find information on how to promote the event, information you need to attend your screening and how to get your tickets for you and a friend. 

Social Media Promotion:


Ocean Crew promotion will be a little different this year so social media promotion will be the most important way for you to spread the word about your local screening. It would be fantastic if you could share social media posts far and wide (which will be a massive help for us to promote your event). We find that sharing a post more than once or sharing different assets such as a trailer and then a Gif/Video at a different time to remind people of the event is the most effective way to spread the word about the show (along with some details about your local screening).


We will be adding more resources here as we go along, so please check back from time to time. We really appreciate your support in helping to spread the word about Ocean being back! 


Instructions on how to download and use these resources can be found in the Word document further down this page.


Facebook/Instagram General Post:                                                     Instagram Story:       ​



















On Sale Now Post:



Facebook/Instagram Post:                      Instagram Video: 




















Download Instructions & Copy:








Facebook Events


To find and join the Facebook event that has been created for your screening click HERE you can also share the link with your friends to promote the event even further!



Screening Information

Find out all you need to know about attending your screening and claiming your free tickets by clicking on the relevant time of your screening:



7.30 pm



Any queries or issues please email your main contact for support