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United Kingdom

Aug 1

Welcome to the Forum!


Edited: Aug 1

Welcome to your forum! This is an area to share ideas for promoting the tour, possible contacts, etc. You can also use this space to get to know one another, coordinate the distribution of promo material and even organise your next ocean adventure!


We will also use this space to make announcements throughout the tour so remember to check back regularly!


Great new volunteers area! I'll start to promote on my podcast Clare Talks Rubbish.

Sep 10

Thanks Clare that would be great!

Can't wait for the Stockport screening 21st Septmber. Advertising on Facebook but will be giving out promotional material in Stockport soon.

Good to be back joining the Ocean Crew! I'm helping out at the Edinburgh screening and busy spreading the word.

Sep 10

Thanks so much both - great to have you back!!

Sep 8Edited: Sep 8

Just uploaded my photos and screenshots. Looking forward to supporting the team on Saturday in Leamington Spa.

Sep 10

Thanks Ian, we'll look forward to seeing you there!

I also uploaded my screen shots of promo shares. Do we receive confirmation if we are allocated an extra ticket? Thanks :-)

Sep 11

Hi Linda these have been received, so I can confirm your extra ticket. Thanks for getting the word out! We'll see you at the screening!

Looking forward to the Cardiff screening! Getting the word out there...I have managed to upload 2 things but now can't seem to do it...any advice as to where I am going wrong or what I need to do?!?!

I also had this problem and in the end deleted the first 2 I had then uploaded them all again in one go. Maybe try that?

@Linda Johnston Thanks :) I don't know if I have done it right, I seem to be only able to upload pictures to my profile page now and not under files...confused and will hope they are there right!!haha some days me and tech don't get on so much!

Sep 11

@Libby Chivers Hi yes if you can upload them all at once that should do it - thanks @Linda Johnston! If you have any further issues Libby let me know :) We;ll update the guidelines too to make it clearer - thanks :)

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  • Just a few photos taken from the promotional material distribution which was done in local coffee shops/cafes, outdoor shops i.e Cotswolds, yoga centre and climbing gym and community centres.
  • Hi Ocean Crew! A big thank you to everyone that has been promoting so far! It's really great to see the promo material getting out there! We're really excited to be kicking the tour off tonight in Dublin & Cheltenham & it would be brilliant if you could let everyone know on social media that the tour is underway! We've added a new Gif to the 'Social Media Resources' section & some text for you to use too. Thanks so much! Hilary