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United Kingdom

Oct 19

Promo Material in Norwich

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Just a few photos taken from the promotional material distribution which was done in local coffee shops/cafes, outdoor shops i.e Cotswolds, yoga centre and climbing gym and community centres.










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  • Hi Ocean Crew! A big thank you to everyone that has been promoting so far! It's really great to see the promo material getting out there! We're really excited to be kicking the tour off tonight in Dublin & Cheltenham & it would be brilliant if you could let everyone know on social media that the tour is underway! We've added a new Gif to the 'Social Media Resources' section & some text for you to use too. Thanks so much! Hilary
  • Materials given out to various places in Stockport including shops, bars, hotels, cafes, the Art Gallery, Main Library and Tourist information. Can't wait for the screening. Thanks to Shaun for posing outside the Plaza!